How We Lay Fibre – The Beanfield Way

If you know Beanfield, you know that we do things a little differently from other telecom companies. Our motto- ‘how it should be’- motivates everything we do.  So, when it comes to laying fibre, it’s no shock that we make sure to keep all our practices up to Beanfield standards. 

That starts with owning and operating a completely independent fibre-optic network. What does that mean exactly? Well, while some other telcos piggyback off other provider networks, ours is 100% our own. The benefit is, of course, that we have complete control over our service offerings and delivery end-to-end. When the infamous Rogers outage took down thousands of Canadians’ Internet, it didn’t just affect Rogers customers. It hit every telco who uses Rogers’ lines. Our independence means we never have to rely on another company’s quality of service! 

More than this, we also have our own in-house construction team in Bolton to ensure that everything, even the way we get the fibre in the ground, is done ‘how it should be’. We do our best to make sure our fibre is buried deep, but mistakes can happen and should there ever be a fibre cut by a city construction team, we can respond quickly and efficiently! 

Beanfield’s service is end-to-end. We’ve designed it to make sure that we have complete control over our network, so we don’t need to compromise with the big guys. That’s how we serve our customers better- by ensuring that we provide a consistent, reliable, high-quality network. 

We went into the field with our incredible construction team to teach you a little bit about how we lay fibre the Beanfield way. Check it out here! 

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