The New Peace of Mind: DDoS Protection from Beanfield

By Ash Brar, Director, Product & Solution Engineering,
and Steve Liddon, Sr. Architect, Product & Solution Engineering

At Beanfield, we take security seriously. That’s why we’re launching a new security service to keep you (and your network) safe from potential attacks.

Introducing your new peace of mind: Beanfield’s DDoS Protection, powered by Arelion.

You may be wondering: “What is a DDoS attack? Do I even need to be worried about it?” The short answer is yes.

DDoS, or Distributive Denial of Service attacks, flood the network/hosts with large amounts of data that compromise the flow of your regular user traffic. Think of a six-lane highway suddenly merging into one.

These attacks are becoming more frequent, and more malicious. In 2021 alone, there were almost ten million attacks, bringing the frequency up by nearly 20% since 2019. On top of that, DDoS extortion attacks went up, causing up to $12 million in potential revenue losses.

So, now you know it’s a problem, but how do you fix it? Well, you don’t. But we do!

Beanfield’s DDoS Protection, allows our customers to sit back and relax while we cut off attacks before they even happen. Now that’s peace of mind.

How do we do it? It’s a simple, four-step process.


The detection system is always hungry, and it’s looking for suspicious traffic. 24/7, it keeps an eye out for attacks, to provide you with round-the-clock protection.


When an attack is detected, it is immediately diverted to the nearest scrubbing location. This keeps traffic clear for your intended users and prevents inconvenient (or even catastrophic) service interruptions.


Scrubbers use advanced filtering to boot all the malicious traffic and keep your network running smoothly as intended, and they do it in industry-leading time. Basically, attacks are destroyed before they even get a chance to mess with your network. That’s fast.


When the attack is over, the system withdraws the redirections and traffic resumes normal flow. It’s like it never even happened.

Now you know there’s a solution! But that’s not the best part: this system employs 24/7 host level protection so you’re covered round-the-clock, as well as auto-mitigation technology that’s constantly adapting to best protect you against new threats. You’ll get weekly summary reports (if you want them), to keep you informed on how the system is performing.

More features include:

-Simplicity (Which means no GRE tunnels, and a streamlined structure)

-Protection for additional IPs (to keep you fully covered)

-High Bandwidth DDoS attack protection (Thwarting 1.5TBPS attacks)

-Support from the global Arelion Security Solutions Centre

We also know that your business isn’t stagnant- far from it; It’s always expanding. That’s why we included the ability to scale as your security needs grow, so you’re protected for years to come.

DDoS Attacks are a fact of the online world, whether we like it or not. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with Beanfield DDoS Protection powered by Arelion, and start breathing easy- we have you covered.

*Data as per 2020 Netscout report:

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