Introducing: Hosted Voice for Microsoft Teams

At the start of 2020 when everyone first started to WFH, IT departments were ill-prepared for remote working. The tech was not as fully developed, nor (understandably) prepared for this new hybrid-work landscape we find ourselves in

At Beanfield, we recognized this gap and worked hard to build a truly seamless service offering that addresses the biggest hurdle when integrating Microsoft Teams as your single unified communications platform: Voice Calling.

We get it. As an IT Manager, you’ve set up dozens, if not hundreds of employees with the Microsoft Teams app. And you’ve done it remotely. It’s no easy feat, and it’s probably been a headache to organize. 

So, let’s get right to it. What is Hosted Voice, you ask? 

Hosted Voice for Microsoft Teams is our solution to the complexity of rolling out voice calling features for software that, while is a great collaboration tool, doesn’t come close to replacing a PBX and the advanced calling features that come with one. Our Beanfield team takes care of the initial set up, call flow, and provides support along the way.

As employees work from home, the office, or take calls during their afternoon walk, it’s vital to be able to reach them via multiple means all on a simple and familiar app running on any device (read: your phone) that is always with you. 

Enter our new Hosted Voice for Microsoft Teams solution.

Our goal is to unify your company’s communication tools so that Microsoft Teams can seamlessly provide:

  • Meetings 
  • Collaboration 
  • Calling 

Not only are we providing a solution to fix a problem, but we are – as per the usual Beanfield way – putting you, our customers, first. 

Companies usually have to navigate complicated and hierarchical fee structures and plans when working out how to call-enable Microsoft Teams; we have a spoiler alert for you:  Beanfield makes this totally unnecessary!

With Hosted Voice for Microsoft Teams, Beanfield eliminates all the complexity and keeps things simple – no need to pay for long distance within Canada and no caps on your minutes, all within one simple and cost effective package.

Bonus: We also have hardware (like, actual desktop phones) if you need them! 

We know that the initial setup for a whole new software integration can feel daunting. That’s why our team is here to take care of it for you. 

Our setup is simple: minimal lead time, simple onboarding process, with the full support of a specialized Beanfield team to make it easy-peasy.

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