“Boston Pizza Patio Re-Training Help Centre” campaign using Beanfield toll-free services

“Working with Beanfield has been great. The team was agile and collaborative while helping us launch this campaign within only a few days. It’s always great working with a team who is just as excited about a creative concept as you are.” – Cam, John Street Incorporated

As restaurants across the province begin to welcome guests back onto their patio, Boston Pizza International Inc is here to save the day with their 1-855-BP-HOW-TO 24-hour hotline. The hilarious “Boston Pizza Patio Re-Training Help Centre” campaign by john st. has created a buzz, as the tips and cues given to callers are all too relatable to many of us in Ontario.

Beanfield Account Development Representative, Nimit Moras, jumped on the request from john st. for an automated toll-free line. Within a couple of days, the 1-855-BP-HOW-TO 24-hour hotline was up and running, giving callers a chuckle and causing some major patio cravings.

If you’re heading out to a patio this summer, be sure to program 1-855-BP-HOW-TO into your phone, just in case.

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