Beanfield Bees – We Will See You in the Spring!

The Beanfield bees had a very busy-buzzy year! Our honeybees in Toronto and Montreal spent the warm months out and about, collecting pollen and nectar, all while pollinating the plants in our communities. Now that the honey has been harvested and cold weather is approaching, our urban beekeepers, have wrapped our 8 hives in an insulating winter wrap which will help keep the internal temperature of the hives at 35 degrees Celsius. While the bees take a few months off, we will be working away to expand our bee and environmental programs. 

If you remember, our bees went to school this year. No really, we moved one of our hives to l’École secondaire Monseigneur Richard (ESMR) in Montreal (you can read more about it here). The students were able to sell the honey that came from the hives, which helped to fund their robotics program! We look forward to continuing our partnership with ESMR, as this opportunity has inspired us to connect even more students with environmental education.  

Apart from helping to support school programs, we believe that through educational workshops we can help further students’ understanding of the importance of honeybees and their impact on our communities and environment. Stay tuned for updates in spring 2022! 👀

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