Koerner Gardens

Exciting news! We’re delighted to announce the completion of the garden mounds project in the stunning Koerner Gardens at Evergreen Brick Works, in partnership with Evergreen. Our collaborative efforts have revitalized these mounds to create a vibrant oasis, reflecting our commitment towards environment restoration and modelling climate change resilience.


Evergreen had the honour of being guided by Elder Catherine Tàmmaro, Evergreen’s Elder in Residence, and received invaluable input from Indigenous community partners, including the youth at the Native Culture Centre Toronto and Landscape Architect, Terence Radford. Their insight and knowledge have been key in creating a space that truly respects and celebrates the Indigenous heritage and vision.

This 130-year-old abandoned brick factory nestled in the ravines at the heart of our city was transformed by Evergreen, a national not-for-profit, in 2010. Beanfield is proud to support this heritage site that brings communities together. Whether you’re doing your weekly food shop at the Saturday Farmers Market, picking up a plant from the Garden Market or hunting for vintage items at the Ontario Vintage Market, you’re guaranteed to purchase something that is ethically and sustainably made and in support of the local economy.

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