Beanfield Hits Light Speed

We’ve been sharing a lot of exciting news recently, and we aren’t slowing down anytime soon.  

Beanfield is proud to announce that we have completed the build out of our new 400G core in Toronto and Montreal! Not only have we expanded our high-capacity reach in both cities, but we have leveraged our cutting edge technology to build the fastest fibre core possible.  

Meet our 400G MPLS Core.  

So… what’s the big deal?  

If the numbers (ahem, 400G) don’t get you excited, allow us to provide some context.  

Remember what your old office building WiFi felt like?

If you’re used to driving down a one lane cart path, our new 400G Core will feel like jumping onto Autobahn and going as fast as you can. 

In Toronto, our backbone currently connects six major GTA locations, with more coming soon. Our Montreal 400G core interconnects three locations to provide service to the Montreal City Center. 

How many other providers have this kind of core backbone?  

Great question. We are – probably – the first service provider to share exactly how fast our core backbone is, and how much traffic it can push. That is to say, we don’t know how fast our competitors’ networks are, as they haven’t shared that information. We may have just built the fastest fibre optic backbone in the market. 

Why does this matter?  

Because at Beanfield, one of our core values (pun intended) is being transparent with our customers. That includes sharing exactly how our network is built, so you can make the best decision for your business. 

Speaking of your business, how will this affect you?  

Three words: Redundancy, Resilience and Capacity. We know you need reliable and fast tech to power your connectivity solutions, and we have built just that.  

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