Beanfield at the Waterfront: Connecting the Akin Art Collective

Toronto has become an incredible hub for the arts in Canada. Thanks to organizations like the Akin Collective, artists are more empowered than ever to create and experiment in their field. Of course, Akin, like every organization, needs the proper resources in order to do the great work they do. One such resource being high-speed Internet. 

For years now, Beanfield has partnered with Waterfront Toronto, an organization responsible for waterfront revitalization on behalf of all levels of government, to bring in fibre Internet. This project has brought new life to the waterfront, allowing all kinds of organizations to thrive. When the Akin Collective first arrived at 200 Queens Quay East, there was no Internet to speak of. They had been moved into an old building slotted for future redevelopment, so it had never been placed on-net. This made it much more difficult to service. Artists are becoming more heavily dependent on the quality connectivity as so many of us are, to share their work, get inspired, and connect with their community. Without access to decent Internet, Akin wouldn’t have been able to run effectively. 

Beanfield has always been passionate about supporting the arts and organizations like Akin. Thanks to our relationship with Waterfront Toronto, we were able connect 200 Queens Quay East with unlimited, FREE high-speed fibre Internet so that the collective can operate effectively and keep contributing to Toronto’s vibrant artistic culture (with far less overhead cost). 

But enough about us. This is really about the Akin Collective. For nearly 15 years, Akin has provided studio space and artistic programming to Toronto and its artists. They’ve cultivated a space that’s optimized for inspiration and creativity, to allow local artists to work comfortably and effectively. On top of that, they’ve hosted workshops, gallery tours, exhibitions, and open studio events to foster community around the arts. 

Akin has been making Toronto better, more beautiful, and more creative in so many ways that it’s hard to list them all. Thanks to Waterfront Toronto, we’ve been able to help them do that the Beanfield way, with free Internet access for an unlimited amount of time. 

Want to see just how great The Akin Art Collective is? Check them out on July 13th at Akin Stockyards for a day with family and an open studio! 

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