How Do I Get Beanfield in My Building?

We LOVE this question and the answer is…

It depends… on a few things. BUT, if you meet the below criteria, chances are good, and trust us, we want to bring our fibre to your building.

Is your building…

1. Built after the year 2000?

2. More than 100 units?

Yes? Well then at least from an infrastructure perspective, we can probably get our crazy fast light-speed fibre to you!

The next step is to provide us with either your Property Manager or your developer’s contact info. You can email that information directly to

Why do we need these?

As a telecom, we have to enter into a legal access agreement with either your condo corporation (through the condo board), your developer, or, in the case of rental, the company who owns your rental building.

We get it, you’re probably asking “Wait. What? Can’t you just hook me up? Can’t I get any provider I want?”

Unfortunately not. We know it might seem like our services are as easy to order as your favourite resto on your mobile app – and they are once we’re IN your building – but until we have this agreement, we aren’t allowed to provide you anything. It sucks. We don’t like it either.

Once we’re in though, everyone benefits:

– There is ZERO cost to the developer, the condo corporation or the rental building owner. Beanfield pays for the construction so that we can be a part of your community.

 – There is little to no disruption to the building during installation. We pride ourselves on the best installation work in the industry, and our team is very respectful of the building and residents.

– We offer your building a suite of FREE services for your amenities, saving your community THOUSANDS of dollars each year in telecommunication costs. Free WiFi in the lobby? Check. Free phone services for your management office and concierge? Check, check. It’s our way of saying “Thank you for allowing us into your community!”

That’s it in a nutshell. Just send us some contact info to and we’ll do the rest.

We do have one little favour however, and that is for you to participate. We started off as a small company and still try to do business that way. From the ground up, through word of mouth and grassroots participation, and we can’t stress enough how important your voice is in helping us help you.

So please, talk to your property manager, talk to your condo board, talk to your developer, and talk to your neighbours! The more people want us and know we’re wanted, the easier it is for us to get those agreements. You deserve to be connected to what’s important to you in a way that’s reliable, blazing fast and hassle free.

How It Should Be.

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