Public Policy In The Telecom Market

Having been in the business for almost 35 years, we feel we know a thing or two about competing in the telecom market in Canada. In fact, Beanfield’s creation was entirely a result of the dismissive attitude Incumbents had toward a vibrant neighbourhood like Liberty Village.

From predatory pricing (where competitors set their prices lower than their costs to ensure they suffocate the growth of others) to monopolistic practices (planning with developers to bulk supply a building – denying choice to residents and keeping competition out) and using delay tactics to drag out CRTC remedies or Competition Bureau concerns…we’ve seen it all. That this happens at all is, in a word, wrong … and Canadians know it. 

Our regulatory agencies’ job is to protect Canadians and ensure the market works as intended to promote competition, increase innovation and lower prices. Sadly, while they do try, their remedies tend to be painfully slow or worse, absent, and that’s a shame. Their job isn’t an easy one but we feel it could be done better, faster, and with a more equitable lens.

Typically, we’ve kept our policy thoughts relegated to individual interventions that we’ve brought or that we are wrapped into. As we grow, it’s become clear that this is no longer a useful path and the “quiet way” needs to gain volume. Instead, we are going to post regular musings about issues facing our industry. Sometimes these will be general thoughts and at other times they will deal with a specific problem before the CRTC, the Competition Bureau or our Governments. We’re doing this not to hear ourselves talk, but because we feel there needs to be a stronger, independent voice to speak truth to what the Incumbents often claim. We’re also doing it because the only way this will change is to have an informed public – YOU – that’s willing to speak alongside us.

We’re incredibly lucky here at Beanfield to not only have customers, but fans. We’re on a mission to make connectivity as accessible as clean water and electricity – and to have no one left out or left behind. Our customers know this and it’s a large reason they choose us over the alternatives. We’re a grassroots “word of mouth” company and we never take our customers for granted. We know you care and you share in our values.

We can’t promise that these policy musings are going to be quick soundbites, but we can promise that this isn’t rocket science. There is nothing about our legal system, regulations or industry that any Canadian can’t understand and, unlike some of our competitors, we won’t insult you by thinking so. This is about fairness – something every Canadian has an intrinsic understanding of. We want you to be a part of this conversation so will strive to make it as digestible as possible and look forward to sharing with you – and learning from you – about what’s important when it comes to your connectivity needs.

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