Spotlight: Beanfield’s CSAs

As you may know, Beanfield is, proudly, an end to end company – meaning almost everything we do is done by us. If we CAN do it ourselves, we WILL do it ourselves. Because of this, we have a ton of different departments. Every month, right here, we’re going to highlight a department or a team so that you can get to know our company better! 

So, to start us off on this new journey we are beginning with Customer Success Advocates! 

What? Who? Come again? 


Inside of our Operations department is a small, but mighty, team of Customer Success Advocates. CSAs act as the voice of our largest customers within Beanfield. The objective is for each to feel like they have a team who knows, intimately, their Story and processes, and can help them and our teams navigate each other’s ecosystems. It’s a department that speaks to the uniqueness of our approach to customer success because it focuses on listening and learning – not only to their needs, but also to ours, so that we can maximize the benefit of the partnership experience. 

A perfect example of the work Customer Success Advocates do happened with the Toronto Police Service over the course of the past year. Without getting into too much detail, it was fair to say a new relationship needed to be forged. 

The CSAs established a frequent cadence of meetings with TPS, created monthly incident reports, committed to hourly updates to them and our technical support team during outages and created a new process of RFOs (Request For Outage report) for single large-client outages. They also were constantly re-educating TPS on our escalation policy so our pathway was well understood, while working hand in hand with Technical Support to discuss any improvements that might be made on our end. 

During all of this communication, a determination was also made that, from a technical standpoint, migrating TPS from our legacy network onto Beanfield’s core network topology would significantly improve their overall experience and lower our burden of support. This work was then prioritized by us and is ongoing but has resulted in a significant drop in outages and is ahead of schedule (*special shoutout to everyone involved in migrations!). 

This investment of time and energy has paid off in spades as we now have a documented understanding of what they need and expect from us, and they have a documented and fuller understanding of how our business operates. There’s less speculation, more specificity, and a greater appreciation for what we both do and are trying to achieve. Not coincidentally, this has also resulted in a 21% increase in their MRR (monthly recurring revenue). 

More recently, CSAs are helping to ensure the migration of 54 Toronto Public Libraries goes smoothly, our new customer, Microsoft, is kept up to date and in the loop with all the various departments working on their solutions, and EStruxture’s acquisition of Aptum’s co-location business has all the relevant datapoints necessary to ensure Estruxture’s new clients can access their support department efficiently and effectively. In a way, our supports are helping their supports! 

So, whether it’s the above or any of our 50 other large clients, this small department, in conjunction with sales, customer support, technical support, migration teams, GIS and numerous other departments, is constantly striving to tell our story, learn our customer’s story, build trust and enhance transparency. 

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