Beanfield Business Internet: Find the right fit for your business

From the neighbourhood bakery to the graphic design studio down the block, local businesses have always been near and dear to our hearts. We know that your business is an integral part of our community, and we are dedicated to understanding the unique business Internet requirements of your workplace. Between our Small Business Internet and our Dedicated Fibre Ethernet Business Internet, Beanfield has got you covered. 

Small Business Internet (SBI)  

It’s been said that our SBI, or Small Business Internet, is best suited for the café in the office tower lobby, while the offices above probably need a dedicated connection. 

OK, it’s probably us that said it. And even though most of the time, it’s true, saying our SBI can handle little more than a point-of-sale system is selling this amazing product short. 

Our Small Business Internet is delivered with Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network (or GPON) technology, which splits the fibre so that the bandwidth is shared with other SBI users on the same network Point of Presence (or POP). This means we are able to provide great bandwidth and performance at a reasonable price. 

What makes Beanfield Small Business Internet different from most similar products on the market is that we don’t run our GPON network “HOT” – that’s geek-speak for we don’t put too many SBI customers on a single connection to ensure that all our SBI clients on a given POP (or Point of Presence) can access the bandwidth they need, when they need it.  

Our SBI solution can be a fully capable and reliable option for offices of up to 20 people with typical bandwidth needs. Nearly every workplace has experienced a bump in bandwidth demand since the dawn of hybrid work and bandwidth-heavy collaboration tools. Our SBI solution is ready for you in this case with fully symmetric bandwidth plans that lend themselves very well to our new reality. And, we’re committed to monitoring our network closely to make sure our SBI customers are receiving the same Beanfield Internet as they did pre-pandemic.  

The shift to Dedicated Fibre Ethernet Business Internet 

If we tell you that Beanfield’s Small Business Internet is not suitable for your business, don’t be too disappointed.  It probably just means your business isn’t as small you think it is!  

Our rule of thumb is that our Dedicated Fibre Ethernet Business Internet is a better fit for workplaces:  

  • With over 20 people; and/or 
  • That engage in bandwidth-heavy activity; and/or 
  • That require advanced technical configurations, like additional IP addresses, BGP configuration, etc. 

Over the past few years, workplaces have gone through significant challenges and changes. Many of our SBI clients are taking the plunge and upgrading to a dedicated connection. Whether it’s due increased usage of bandwidth-greedy collaboration tools, or increased hosting and computing in the Cloud, they just need more bandwidth, or have more advanced requirements than they did just a short time ago.  

Our Dedicated Fibre Ethernet Business Internet is exactly as described: there’s no sharing! If your office is a connected building, we bring a dedicated strand of fibre from our closest NPOP directly to your suite, for your exclusive use. That way, every ounce of bandwidth supporting your connection is yours for the taking, and available to you at all times. With the best Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in the industry, this is the most dependable business Internet connection on the market.  

Either way, you’re connected to Beanfield’s amazing network!  

Whether you’re using for our Small Business Internet, or have Dedicated Fibre Ethernet Business Internet, just know that you’re connected to a network like no other:  

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