Beanfield Goes (Even More) Green!

You don’t have to look far to see that at Beanfield, we love all things green – from our environmental initiatives, to our fleet of electric vehicles, to the colour of our logo. But we’ve taken our love to the next level with the brand-new biophilic art installations we commissioned for our office spaces. 

We love to do things differently here, so when it comes to office décor, we’re always looking for eclectic ways to spice up Beanfield HQ. From murals to street signs to a light-up KFC Chicken Bucket, we love to bring our spaces to life for our employees. That’s never been more true than this year, when we commissioned 4 moss wall panels from biophilic artist Stevie Klick of The Indoor Forest. 

The panels decorate the walls of our Liberty Village office kitchen, a common gathering place for employees looking for a snack and a place to relax. Adding a bit of vibrant green to the room gives it new life and helps contribute to the ‘chill vibes’ we’re trying to cultivate! 

But enough from us- here’s a statement from the artist herself: 

I was born an artist. I remember being in kindergarten and not understanding why the kids weren’t colouring in the lines, wasn’t it obvious? It was as if my hands knew more than my brain. I rejected the artistic side of myself for many years deeming it useless when it came to career choices, so I think my greatest challenge in starting my company was not lack of talent but overcoming myself and my own beliefs about what I am capable of producing. I think what sets me apart is my willingness to go to lengths to experiment or find an answer. Just because it has not been done before does not mean it is impossible. As a risk taker, I have experienced failure more times than I can count so knowing what failure looks like first-hand gives you the drive to push through more challenging endeavours and it teaches you how to be resourceful. It has turned me into a problem solver and solution focused individual who thinks outside the box. 

In biophilic design, consideration for the user’s experience in their built environment is the utmost important. When we take the user’s needs into account, we are left with the simplicity of science and facts pertaining to human biological needs. That’s what biophilic design is all about. It takes a human-centred approach towards designing built environments which allows us to articulate the relationships between nature and human biology so that we humans may alter how we experience spaces and perform tasks. Traditionally, humans have an innate attraction to natural surroundings and other living organisms which has not left us despite urbanization. From the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to plant and cat videos being one of the most popular searches, it’s clear we crave natural environments.

I think what is most important about my brand and my story, is that it was born from an idea that we urban city dwellers can do more to make our city greener. I essentially aim to use creativity, plants and art to help people connect with nature, with themselves and with their own inner creative. It is through these individual personal interactions that we can slowly start to implement environmental changes. Scientists have been studying the effects of biophilic design in recent years. So, if we know that simply going on a fifteen-minute walk through the park can lower your blood pressure significantly within the first five minutes, then imagine what IS possible if we all played a part in the solution? Do I tempt your curiosity yet? My brand is not just about the moss and the plants, it is not just about aesthetics, it is about changing the way we build cities (from the inside out) so that we can learn to live in harmony with nature instead of directly against it. I am looking forward to developing this concept further and providing resources and accessible green spaces. 

We’re so excited to be featuring the art of such a dedicated artist. To see more of Stevie’s incredible work, check her out at or on her socials: 

Facebook/Instagram: @theindoorforestcanada 

Twitter: @theindoorforest  

LinkedIn: @the-indoor-forest 

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