Toronto Humane Society – Giving Tuesday

You love animals, and so do we! We understand the deep bond between you and your furry friends. Discover the Toronto Humane Society, an organization that goes beyond being just an animal shelter. This year our Beanfielders had the chance to participate in a volunteer day on Giving Tuesday.

“We had a fantastic time hosting Beanfield for another Team Experience Day last month. The engaged group learned more about our mission on a tour, had a chance to meet some of our shelter pets and were a big help preparing food bags for our pet food bank. Thank you Beanfield for your ongoing generosity and continuing to show your commitment to improving the lives of animals.” – Toronto Humane Society

Not only do they provide shelter, care, training, and veterinary support to animals in need, but they also offer a range of support services for pet guardians. Imagine a place where every animal is given a second chance at a happy life. Where you receive comprehensive support in every aspect of pet ownership, right from training to accessible veterinary care.

Are you aware of the countless benefits of having a pet? The moment we start building a connection with animals, it transforms our lives in ways we never imagined. Not only do pets offer unconditional companionship, but they also significantly contribute to the mental wellbeing of both adults and children.  

The emotional connection that is built with animals helps to relieve stress, and it goes both ways – when you care for a pet, it ensures they live a life free from distress and discomfort. If you’re thinking about bring a pet into your life, please consider adoption and step into a healthier, happier life for both you and your future pet. It’s a win-win! 

Beanfield believes in this organization and the amazing support they provide to animals that come into the shelter. This is what the Toronto Humane Society stands for. Become a part of their community and contribute to a better life for animals.  

Your support can make a huge difference in the lives of animals in need. 

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