Beanfield is Officially Rainbow Registered

CLGCC’s Rainbow Registered is a national accreditation program that identifies LGBTQ+ friendly and inclusive businesses and organizations. Through accrediting companies with the Rainbow Registration designation mark, they work to support the LGBTQ+ community in making it easier to recognize LGBTQ+ friendly and inclusive companies.

We are excited to announce that Beanfield is officially a CLGCC Rainbow Registered organization! With the Rainbow Registration certification, Beanfield can be nationally recognized as an organization that the LGBTQ+ community is ensured to feel safe, welcomed, and accepted at.

We are very proud that our policies and practices, training, commitment to inclusive leadership, and culture of inclusivity have deemed us market ready for LGBTQ+ customers, but we understand that we are not perfect and that there is still work to be done. As a company that strives to build an inclusive community, we are committed to building on the progress we have made, and further improving our organization.

“It is clear from their staff that Beanfield is a warm and welcoming place to work, and evident that they are committed to the LGBTQ+ community through their policies, and involvement and support both within the workforce, and in the wider communities that they serve.  Beanfield’s CEO has taken some very bold steps in sharing his personal story in the tech industry and how it has allowed him to affirm his identity as member of the LGBTQ+ community, and step out of the feeling that he was different growing up.  There is tremendous power in setting the tone within an organization when leaders allow themselves to become vulnerable and create policies and practices that will help others affirm who they are.” – Rainbow Registered

Check out more about the Rainbow Registered program here

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