Beanfielders, along with so many others, continue to be deeply saddened by the discovery of First Nation children’s remains at Canadian residential schools and the trauma faced by survivors and their families. We stand with Indigenous Peoples and are dedicated to continuously learning and growing from their stories.

On Red Dress Day, May 5, 2022, Matricia Bauer spoke with Beanfield’s employees about the importance of each and every Canadian’s role in Truth and Reconciliation. She spoke about the importance of our dedication to truth, specifically, as a means of healing. Beanfield was founded on community and we’ve dedicated ourselves to supporting our communities by advocating for them and speaking truth to power. That’s why the unique struggles of Canada’s Indigenous communities are so important to us.

This National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, we’ve committed ourselves to help create change:

First, Beanfield understands the importance of giving our employees the day off in order to observe and reflect on their involvement in Truth and Reconciliation. We are encouraging our staff to participate in the community events and educational resources that we are fortunate to have access to in the cities where we operate.

Second, we are using our platforms to help honour the children lost in Canadian Residential Schools. We’re taking to our social media, our blog, and even a billboard to show solidarity with Canada’s Indigenous community. But one voice on one day isn’t enough – It takes consistent action over time to really make a difference in the world.

To that end, for our third commitment, we will once again be providing connectivity to the Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre Indigenous Legacy Gathering. An event that unites people through important programing and celebrates local indigenous performers and artisans.

Finally, we’ve donated to Storytellers of Canada’s virtual Truth and Reconciliation concert and some of our staff will be attending on October 22nd. This is a virtual event with a theme of Hope, Humour and Healing to celebrate the resilience and survivance of Indigenous stories and oral traditions. Their stories speak Truth that is so essential to healing. Our attendance will allow Beanfield employees to educate themselves on Indigenous narratives, past and present.

We believe that together we can create a country unified by peace, prosperity, and diversity. One that celebrates the differences in its people – a people spread across a large territory, yet still connected to one another.