Meet our Customer Experience Analysts!

Beanfield has many departments that all play important roles in our day-to-day services, and today we would like to introduce you to our Customer Experience Analysts (CEAs) – a vital group at Beanfield!


Touching almost every point of a customer’s journey, this group is, generally, the beginning, middle and end of the Beanfield experience. Whether it’s working with Technical Support to troubleshoot, communicating area wide incidents, suspending, provisioning and reprovisioning services, identifying legacy circuits to help customers migrate more smoothly, helping a customer through an order process or working closely with scheduling and cancellations, they are essential in creating a memorable first, second and third impression.


Additionally, they help billing with credit issuance, work with Property Relations and the Residential Business Development team to identify new growth opportunities, and they assist Marketing track campaigns and provide feedback to ensure their communications to customers are being received. On top of this, they handle all incoming inquiries when the person on the other end of the line doesn’t know exactly what they want or who they should go to for assistance.


Rather than using automated customer support reps, our CEAs take a personal, empathetic approach to calls, in which they listen and learn from our customers and adapt to ensure every concern, issue, or praise is heard.


As you can imagine, things don’t always go perfectly, so this can be a difficult and stressful job. While embracing this challenge with empathy for each other, our customers and Beanfielders, the team also tries to keep their spirits high. Celebrating small wins as a team is key to staying focused and calm when calls spike for any number of reasons.


With such a breadth of knowledge, CEAs also play a vital internal role in the development of our company and culture. Because the nature of their job means they are often the first to have to pivot to new processes, acquisitions and products, their feedback to internal teams is invaluable. As we continue to grow, it’s often our CEAs at the forefront of feedback from customers and the obstacles they might be experiencing. By sharing these learnings, CEAs help us improve, highlight unintended consequences and act as an instantaneous test on how we’re performing as a company.


I think we can all agree that this type of commitment is something to appreciate!

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