Employee Profile: Meet Hervé M!

Our first-ever employee profile is all about Hervé M!  

Hervé is one of our CEAs (Customer Experience Analysts) in Montreal, which means he’s always working hard to make sure that our customers are getting the most out of their service. We had a chat with him to see what a day at Beanfield is like in his shoes. 

He starts out the day by catching up on emails, messages, team huddles, and of course, relevant news. Then comes the desktop setup- It’s got to be just how he likes it to start the day out right. Then, it’s all about assisting customers- current and potential. He spends his time going one ‘ticket’ at a time, chipping away at emails and phone calls from people in need of support with their Internet. Hervé says the best part of his job is helping people, especially with technical and billing issues. “I love how there can be multiple solutions to a problem. This means you can tackle an issue from multiple angles, and this is stimulating for the creative juices.”  

Before he knows it, it’s lunch. If Hervé had to choose a single lunch to eat for the rest of his life, it would be a classic; Spaghetti Bolognese. The only thing he has to watch out for is the seductive urge to take a post-lunch pasta nap! 

After a nice break, he heads back to his desk and works away on some of our internal applications, finally wraps up, and rides his bike back home to see his dog, a sweet girl named Binti. But what’s home like for a killer CEA and fashion icon like Hervé? 

Well, his hobbies include teaching Kundalini Yoga, playing soccer, reading, writing, illustrating comic books, and any kind of creative outlet: “I love creating. Creating something from nothing… but my imagination”.  

Thanks, Hervé, for going first, and for teaching us a little more about the people who make up Beanfield’s incredible team! 

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