The Best Gaming ISP in Canada!

“Beanfield’s Speed Index is anywhere from three to five times faster than any competition in the country.”

“That Gaming Quality Index of 3.3 is the best we’ve ever seen, even factoring in the United States.”

“For now Beanfield can’t be beat.”

When it comes to online gaming, there are a number of factors that can make or break the gaming experience – the most important being fast and reliable Internet connectivity. Sure, you’re at an advantage with your computer specs and peripherals but without a solid connection, you can kiss the match goodbye! That’s why choosing the right Internet service provider (ISP) is so important and why so many gamers choose Beanfield.

In PC Mag’s latest update: The Best Gaming ISPs for Canada 2021, Beanfield scored the top spot for fastest speed and highest gaming quality among all service providers. Check out the comparison charts below and see how Beanfield stacks up.

Speed determines how fast an online game loads from the game set up menu to multiplayer actions, the playable environment and everything in between. It is represented by download speed which determines how fast a computer takes to retrieve all the data information on the game from the gaming server. On the other side, upload speed determines how fast user actions are sent off to the server. Scoring a whopping 521.2 on the speed index, Beanfield outperformed the second highest service provider by over 3 times! Crazy right?

What’s Latency and Jitter you ask? Well, latency is the time between user actions and the resulting response of the server, while Jitter is the fluctuation of latency over time. Both of these determine the quality of the game being played, and so the lower the numbers are, the snappier the response time is for a player.

With more and more people of all ages playing from home, the gaming community is booming. The industry is also shifting towards digital downloads for entire games so all of that extra download speed on the Beanfield network definitely helps with the typically long wait times!

Check out the full article below for the review of top performing Canadian ISPs!

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