Connecting Families

At Beanfield, we understand that connectivity is as essential to your life as electricity and clean drinking water. As part of our commitment to providing Canadians with incredible speed and service – at a fair price – we are proud to be a part of the Connecting Families initiative by the Government of Canada.

This initiative provides eligible families an opportunity to access high speed internet at a low and affordable cost.

Depending upon the capabilities of our network within your building, you will receive 100MB, 750MB, or 1GB symmetrical speed with no data limit, free hardware and free installation for $20/month.


Families who currently receive the maximum Canada Child Benefit (CCB) and seniors who currently receive the maximum Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) are eligible for this initiative. They will receive an access code from the Government of Canada, on a printed letter in the mail.

If you have received this letter from the Government of Canada, visit and follow the instructions. During the process, you will be able to select Beanfield as your preferred vendor for internet services.

You may visit the Connected Families FAQs for further questions related to the program.

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