Smart Cities for People with Future Cities and Evergreen Canada

At Beanfield, we strive to build smarter and more resilient communities by providing accessible and affordable Internet. Together we believe in building a brighter future for our cities by putting people at the centre of our solutions, and that is why we were proud to join in the conversation and support Evergreen Canada’s UnexpectedSolutions series.  

This 6-week series, hosted by Future Cities Canada, gathered over 130 speakers across a variety of sectors to join in 60+ virtual sessions to discuss and re-imagine how we can shape our cities.   

Beanfield’s Todd Hofley, Director, Property Relations, joined a panel of leaders and innovators in the smart cities space like Dr Josipa Petrunic, Melanie Nutter, and Noemi Chanda, to discuss how we are each supporting and enabling the reshaping of our cities, by adapting to the changing situations in our communities.  

The intimate conversations, hands-on workshops and virtual sessions, held over the 6-week series, brought together leaders and innovators with a shared vision for the future of our cities, inspiring impactful change. 

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