AWS Workspaces & Direct Connect:

How AWS is accelerating high performance Desktop-as-a-Service with direct connectivity to AWS

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the AWS Workspaces presentation on behalf of Beanfield MetroconnectDiego Magalhães presenting a fantastic overview of #AWSWorkspaces at the AWS Public Sector Summit in Ottawa.

At a high level, AWS Workspaces accelerate BYOD policies for enterprises, enhance the perimeter of your network by keeping your company data securely inside that network perimeter, and provide the agility to scale up or down desktop compute resources as needed.

What Potential AWS Workspace Customers are Telling Us

Diego Magalhães did a great job of articulating the challenges and pain points many customers have outlined as to why the traditional desktop user experience is not cost efficient, doesn’t provide value or much needed agility for their businesses.

AWS Workspaces Use Cases

AWS Workspaces customers benefit from global availability, a unified desktop experience from anywhere in the world, delivering the highest quality end user experience for remote learning in the public education sector, and ultimately providing services that meet critical security and compliance standards that are critical to Public Sector customers or commercial customers with legislated regulatory and compliance oversight from non-governmental and governmental regulatory bodies.

AWS Workspace Integration with your pre-existing identity management and end-point security

Customer objections, barriers to sale and service adoption, especially for large customers with significant investments in Microsoft services are issues that AWS has already solved for customers. Hybrid integration with on-premise infrastructure, Microsoft Active Directory, MFA & Radius for security, Microsoft System Centre Configuration Manager and support for your existing CA (Certificate Authority) are available now.

Networking & AWS Direct Connect

Diego Magalhães raised a really important issue, especially for organizations leveraging AWS Workspaces which is the need for low-latency AWS Direct Connect service. Delivering a VDI or Desktop-as-a-Service with HD and 4K UHD performance requires a high performance dedicated private link with low latency between your organization and the AWS Region where those Workspaces workloads have been deployed. Beanfield Metroconnect can provide customers with ultra low latency services to many AWS On-Ramp facilities across North America. Directly connecting to US EAST 1, US WEST 2, or Canada Central should ideally be delivered over a Metro Ethernet service instead of traditional MPLS to guarantee the lowest possible latency and highest quality end user experience for your AWS Workspace users.

Thanks again to Diego Magalhães and the AWS Public Sector team for supporting and embracing AWS Direct Connect and partners like Beanfield!

About the Author:

Kal Benedict is the Vice President of Sales at Beanfield Metroconnect, a passionate sales leader, solution selling expert, and the principal executive responsible for accelerating the growth of the commercial services product portfolio including cloud services and trading turret voice technology. He lives in Toronto with his wife, two beautiful children and his English bulldog Pancake.

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