Beanfield Supports Daytrippers Children’s Charity #BeanfieldForGood

Many of us are fortunate enough to recall the various field trips we went on as kids to local museums, art & cultural hubs, and historic sites. Not only did we get to step out of the classroom, ride a jam- bus with our friends, and create new memories – we actually learned a lot.

Beanfield believes experiential learning is fundamental to the education and development of all children. We’ve long supported a local elementary school in nearby Parkdale by providing funds for students to have the opportunity experience class field trips. That’s why when we heard about Daytrippers Children’s Charity, we jumped on the opportunity to expand on this effort.

Daytrippers Children’s Charity is a 100% volunteer-run initiative that helps to create opportunities for kids to unlock their potential through experiences. Since 2000, they have removed the financial barrier for children in provinces across Canada to go on trips to nationally recognized educational and cultural institutions.

For such a unique charity like Daytrippers, we wanted to step out of the box and not only provide financial support but also help spread the word to our communities about the great work they do. We decided to run a contest that engaged our customers and the patrons at some of our free Public WiFi locations across the city, including The Bentway, Stackt, Louie Craft Coffee, and more. To enter the contest, participants were asked to take a photo of something that inspired them at one of the free WiFi locations and post it to social media with #BeanfieldForGood. For each post, Beanfield gave to Daytrippers, for a total of $10,000 donated at the end of the contest.

We were overwhelmed by the engagement we saw across the city! To celebrate all of our amazing customers and participants that made this possible, we created a collage for Daytrippers which was comprised of all of the photo entries. We invited Chris from Daytrippers to the Beanfield office and presented him with banner, along with our donation.

To learn more about Daytippers and all of the amazing work they do, please visit their website at

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