Coldest Night of the Year 2021

This February, Beanfield virtually participated in Coldest Night of the Year, an annual walkathon that raises funds for over 140 charities across Canada that serve people experiencing homelessness. Even though we were unable to walk as a team this year, we gathered virtually for activities such as yoga and trivia. The Beanfield team is grateful to have been able to raise $11,251 for two charities in our local communities, the St. Felix Centre and the St. James Drop-In Centre.

In Toronto we raised money for the St.Felix Centre, which has a location just a stones throw from our Toronto Carpet Factory office. Beanfield has worked closely with St.Felix since the construction of their Liberty Village 24 hour respite site and even provides WiFi to the location.

St.Felix has partnered with the City of Toronto to develop respite programs and are able to provide essential services to those in need. These services include resting space, meals, on-site access to case workers, and referrals to other support services. The centre provides over 20,000 meals and 4000 rest spaces every month to those who need it most.

The Montreal office fundraised for the St.James Drop-In Centre, located in the downtown core. Since 1985 this centre has been providing necessities such as hot nutritious meals, access to showers, and clean clothes.

” The St-James Drop-In Centre offers a safe and supportive environment where those who are marginalized and/or homeless can experience community to its fullest. The Centre seeks to be a catalyst for the flow of creativity, compassion and empathy.”

A portion of the Beanfield fund-raising team, wearing our CNOY toques!

These efforts help support thousands of people, that every year, experience homelessness, mental health challenges, extreme poverty, food insecurity and addictions. We are so grateful to be able to give back to our communities and to support amazing charities like St.Felix Centre and the St.James Drop-In Centre.

Thank you to Brian and the entire team at St.Felix! You are all truly amazing people and support our community in such a meaningful way.

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