Four Ways to Put Your Customer First

Grant Dyer, Director of Customer Experience

One would think that a communications business should be naturally good at communicating with customers, but historically in this industry that is not always the case. At Beanfield we have built our business by providing the best possible customer experience. It has been at the forefront of how we set ourselves apart from our competitors. Here are four ways that we have done this:


Be Different
When Dan Armstrong and Chris Amendola started Beanfield, they looked at the pain points that consumers were feeling from their existing providers and came up with our point of differentiation – great customer service. The industry wasn’t known for customer service or for making customers feel appreciated and we knew that there was a massive gap to fill. We listened to our customers and that’s why at Beanfield everything we do is about the customer first – it’s simply who we are. Our customers don’t just come to us when something is wrong, they also call us when things are going great. Our customers are true advocates of our brand.


Be Transparent
Customers in our industry are tired of being taken advantage of by deceptive language, fine print or hidden fees. Transparency is crucial to us and it is easy to show your customers that you are fair and trustworthy by giving them all of the knowledge and facts they need to make an informed decision. Our customers get their very own fibre strand straight to them and built to handle the massive amounts of data businesses and people exchange today.


Build a Strong Company Culture and Let It Work Outward
The key to building a personal relationship with your customers is directly related to building a positive company culture and letting it work outward. When employees share a common sense of values, practices, and beliefs it builds an environment for success. At Beanfield, we not only want to be the company customers come to for their telecommunication needs, but we want to be the young vibrant company that people enjoy working for. Our head office is located in Liberty Village in Toronto and many of our employees live and play right in the neighbourhood. Our company culture and service experience is what motivates us to get out of bed in the morning.


Simplify the Overall Experience
Our customers are with us today because they want choice and an easy customer service experience. For example, all of our inbound calls received are all answered at our headquarters in Liberty Village. Not only do we answer calls in person, but if our customers call with a service question, the same person they speak with on the phone is likely the same person who will go out on the service call. This gives our customers a seamless experience and shows them that we are here to help.


At the end of the day, it’s our customers who keep us running and motivated us to continue expanding our network. Communication along with excellent customer service is what helps our business run smoothly. When you become an advocate for your customers, they will in turn become advocates for your company.

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