Local Spotlight: Luanne Ronquillio of Ruru Baked

Meet Luanne Ronquillio, the founder of Ruru Baked.  

Luanne started her custard-based ice cream business in 2017 after she was challenged by her best friend to try making a batch of ice cream. Using her background in culinary arts, Luanne whipped up her first batch which was an instant hit! After many iterations and a lot of experimenting, Luanne decided to take her new found passion to the next level and feed her creative side by opening Ruru Baked

The flavour combinations at the 659 Landsdowne Ave store front are truly some of the most unique in the city. From Rosemary to Yuzu Raspberry, the flavour line up is sure to impress even the most seasoned ice cream connoisseur. Luanne shares that, “Inspiration can come from anywhere, mostly nostalgia or travel. First, we think of the flavour then decide on how to translate its different characteristics into the ice cream base or a mix-in. It’s trial and error from there.” 

Like Beanfield, Luanne feels a strong sense of community through her amazing supporters and loyal customers. The Support Local movement at the beginning of the pandemic really helped the new brick and mortar store thrive, as people were seeking out small business options in their neighbourhood, as well as good old fashion comfort food. Luanne believes that “Community is everything. Community over commerce. It’s not really about the money, it’s about creating a space where people can come and enjoy something that we’ve created for them. An energy exchange that is more meaningful than just money from the product.” 

Although Ruru Baked has seen a waver in customer sales since Toronto entered Stage 3 of reopening, Luanne is optimistic, stating “But we are grateful nonetheless, we have so many amazing supporters and loyal customers that we love seeing each and every week.” 

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