Black Lives Matter

Members of our family and community have been hurting, the Black community has been hurting, not just now, but always. It is important that we all stand together in solidarity and acknowledge the horrific murder and atrocities that have occurred recently and honour the memory of George Floyd and all the lives lost before him.

Our system is broken. Everyday Black, Indigenous, and other racialized minorities suffer from systemic racism at all levels of society.

We need to do better and work together to build a better reality for those who are hurting. Today and moving forward, we’re taking an active stance in anti-racism. We should have done this sooner. Our eyes and ears are open, and we are committed to taking action.

We’ll be making ongoing donations to support organizations that are working to improve Black lives, marginalized lives, and change a broken system. We’ll be putting the power in our staff’s hands to choose organizations that mean the most to them or have impacted them in a meaningful way and will be donating on their behalf.

We truly want to be a part of the change. We will be opening a discussion within our family and engaging our community to build a long-term plan to create and support diversity so that this isn’t a onetime thing, and to hold ourselves accountable. We want to educate ourselves on how to be changemakers and we urge you take on the responsibility as well.

As we work towards further educating ourselves, please share with us the resources you have found to be impactful.


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