Liberty Village Adopt a Tree

Liberty Village is not only the home of Beanfield, but also the home of @4.5K inhabitants per square km[1].  In the eastern three blocks alone, there are approximately 200 street and park trees fighting to survive the stresses of human, canine and construction impact.

In the summer of 2018, Beanfield completed a three-year plan to introduce wider sidewalks and more greenery just outside the old jail building, creating a welcoming and accessible pathway to Liberty Village Park

Also, in the summer of 2018, the Adopt-a-Tree Program[2] launched in Liberty.  This program has been in place for over 12 years, and was started by a community resident in Trinity Bellwoods Park.  The program matches residents and businesses with a water source as well as local trees, and relies on these volunteers to water their tree.  Other Adopt-a-Tree programs have shown that these community volunteers are making a difference and improving the tree health and survival!

The Beanfield trees were all adopted last year, along with over 30 other trees. LEAF (Local Enhancements and Appreciation of Forests) have mapped part of the Village, and are tracking the progress of these trees using the Neighbourhoods Assessment methodology with the hope of seeing similar success in keeping the trees healthy through volunteer efforts.

Interested in becoming an Adopt-a-Tree Volunteer in 2019?  Drop a line to or visit:

[1] Fraser Institute Study

[2] The Adopt-a-tree program in Liberty is sponsored by LEAF, and supported by the City of Toronto, Park People, Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation and Every Tree Counts.

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